Resilient Teens

Whether you are a teen or the parent of a teen, you know that teenagers today face unprecedented stress in their lives. Academic pressures, social pressures, life pressures mount daily, leaving a rising number of teens struggling with anxiety, depression, and more. The good news is that we can equip teens with tools that will allow them to face life's challenges and even surmount them. They need to learn the skills of resilience, and I can teach them those skills. Working with teens individually or in groups (virtually or in person), I can help them learn to draw on their strengths and their inner resourcefulness, enabling them to respond to life's adversities with hope and determination. 

Go from Surviving to Thriving

Resilience is the capacity to turn the struggles, setbacks, and failures that we face in life into opportunities for growth, change, and flourishing.  It's rooted in our knowledge of ourselves and the gifts and competencies that we each possess, and it bears fruit through our ability to see and embrace the possibilities that these gifts and competencies open for us in the face of challenge. Resilience allows us to thrive in the midst of the stress of life, not just to cope with or survive that stress.  There are tragedies in life for which coping is the most we can hope, at least for a time. But even in these situations, as our lives evolve, we can work towards thriving and not just surviving. This is the gift of resilience.

How I can help

I work with teens individually and in groups, helping them to identify and embrace their strengths, to deepen their awareness of the blessings in their lives, to clarify what they value and what gives them a sense of purpose, and to see and believe in the possibilities that they have before them. I don't "teach" them these things. They already have these strengths, this gratitude, these values and this purpose within them. I just help them find them. I don't solve problems for them. I help them discover that in their strengths, gratitude, and purpose they are the solution. I listen to them. I explore with them. At times I will challenge them, but I will always support them as they pursue their adventure. 


This approach works. It's effectiveness has been demonstrated experimentally and experientially time and again. To be clear, my work is not designed for teens who are struggling with an identified mental illness. That is the province of a therapist. (Click here to learn more about the distinction between a coach and a therapist.) Instead, my work is grounded in the growing belief that if we equip our teens (and ourselves) with the skills of resilience now, then they can turn potentially debilitating experiences to their own betterment. 

Academic       Coaching


You were born a student. When we were small, we all loved learning about ourselves and our world. If somewhere you lost that love, or if the process of school makes learning confusing, I can help you. Working together, you can recover your innate love of learning and discover how to apply that natural capacity to the work you do at school. Find out more about academic coaching here. 

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Logistics of Working with Me

If you want to learn more about working with me, contact me by phone, email, or through the contact form on the right of this page. I will find a time to meet with both parent and teen to discuss how what I offer fits with what you want or need. I have an eight week group program that will help teens lay a foundation for resiliency in their lives. I can also meet with teens individually and tailor a program that fits more closely with their individual needs. I have an office, and I can also virtually (online or by phone) if travel time is an added stress that that you don't need. I ask $400 for the eight week group program. It includes eight one hour group meetings and four 15 minute individual calls with each teen. I ask $100 an hour for individual work. In both cases I am always available by email and text and there is no charge for this. Please contact me to learn more.