You have within you everything you need for a purposeful, meaningful life. You possess gifts, you hold certain values, and you nurture particular desires; through these you can change your world for the better. In life coaching, I help you discover and name your gifts, your values, and your desires. Once you have named them, I can help craft the purpose that will fill your life with the meaning that you long for.  
Its not enough to find your purpose though. Once you've discovered it, you need to live into it. As your coach, I can help you choose the actions that will help you realize your purpose, and then I can give you the support you need to follow through on those actions. I can encourage you, and I can challenge you. I can celebrate with you when you succeed, and I can help you reevaluate and find the courage to try again when you fail. If you want to find your purpose and then claim it, contact me and I can help you on this exciting journey.

Why would you want a life coach? There may be a simple, concrete change that you want to make in your life, changing your job or seeking a life partner. You'd like someone to listen to you and reflect with you as you explore what this change should look like and how you might achieve it. You may have deeper questions about your life, wondering how you got to where you are now, and hoping there might be a more meaningful place to go. You need a fellow explorer who can help you sharpen your vision for your life and then find the courage to live into that vision. You may find your life out of balance and out of control, and you are looking for tools and support as you seek to live more wholly. I can help you with all of these.

Seeking a Vision

Solving a Puzzle

Finding a Balance

Our lives often feel like puzzles within puzzles. Sometimes we want to rework the entire picture. Other times, though, we just want to pay attention to one of the smaller puzzles, to one aspect of our life that we want to rework, or maybe work on for the very first time.


  • You want a new relationship or you want to deepen a relationship you already have.

  • You want to change your job or something about your job.

  • You simply want to add fun to a busy life. 


You want to solve a puzzle. You have all the pieces. (You may not know it, but you do.) You have the know-how to put them together. But I can work with you as you work the puzzle. I'm curious about the pieces you already have. When we talk about them, you may see them in a new way. I'm fascinated with the many different pictures you can create with the same pieces--the many different solutions to your puzzle. As we play with the pieces together, you might be surprised with the possibilities. It's more fun to work a puzzle with a friend. Contact me if you'd like to work with me on one of your puzzles.

You can experience joy and well-being in every dimension of your life--in your movement, your thinking, your feeling, your experience of intimacy, work, and play, even your breathing, your sensing, and your eating. Perhaps more importantly, every dimension of your life can support your journey into joy and well-being. That's balance--when you nurture the whole of yourself while the whole of yourself supports your life's mission and purpose. And when you have balance, you can flourish.

I can help you seek balance in your life, one small, manageable step at a time. I can help you visualize the balance that you seek. I can help you achieve the balance that you visualize. Contact me and take a small step towards flourishing.

"You know, I think that’s something that’s unfortunate in society, is a lot of people just go do what they feel like they should do and live with the status quo and go live by all these rules and, ‘Hey, this is going to be okay,’ you know. ‘Just go accept your average 9-to-5,’ rather than striving for something because the ultimate goal isn’t to succeed or fail; the ultimate goal is to give it everything you have for something that’s [in] your heart and a dream and pursuing that."

                            -- Tim Tebow

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