About Stephen

Everything that I offer begins with my relationship with you. The power of coaching is the power of our relationship to bring out the best in you. What I bring to our relationship is me. So let me share with you something about me, to help you discern if we might form the kind of powerful relationship that will help you to be and accomplish so much of what you desire.

Who Am I?

I believe that I can coach people into and through meaningful change in their lives because I've journeyed through so much meaningful change. I think I can help people thrive in the 

midst of struggle, change, and failure because I have learned how to thrive in all of these circumstances.

I served as an Episcopal priest for 27 years, and led a small parish in McLean, VA for the past nine years. I left that vocation to be a coach in part because I was deeply moved by the spirituality of coaching and in part because I can reach more people and help them to open their lives to the movement of Life within them in this vocation. I was a tenured professor at a major seminary (I have a Ph.D. in theology from Yale) and I have published two books. I left my position at the seminary to return to parish ministry because of my commitment to helping people open their lives to the movement of Life within them. 

I am a father to two wonderful boys in whom I see so much Life and openness to Life. I wonder on a daily basis how I can help them always be open to that Life, even in the face of struggle or failure. Even more, I wonder at how much they have taught me about Life, and I marvel that I've been given some role in their adventure. I have experienced failure in my married life, and I am now working to allow Life to work through that failure. I yearn to know how I can grow from it, and what it will allow me to share with others who find themselves in similar situations.

My Purpose

We all have a purpose. You do. I do as well. My purpose begins with embracing my life as an adventure, particularly the adventure of being present to and connecting with God's world within me, in the people and community around me, and in the natural world that nurtures us all. My coaching contributes to this connection, and it also benefits from it. In coaching, you and I can communicate from heart to heart (there's the adventure), and I can listen and question and from time to time share what I’ve seen and understood, so that together we can bring your life's adventure to fruition.  

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